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Each comes with a pre-constructed deck.

Terran Alliance



Recovering from a bloody civil war, the Terran Alliance has just made first contact with the Imperium. Realizing they're outmatched in a large and dangerous galaxy, an unlikely leader is about to make a desperate gambit to become emperor and secure humanity's future...

The Sek technocracy arrived from another galaxy only a short time ago. They are working on a stable gateway to their home galaxy, which will enable them to bring their full might to bear upon Imperial space, and save their people from a terrible threat...

A race of machines, the Mechan are ruled by seven immortal thought cores, each with drastically different goals and personalities. Their creator, Zero, disappeared after the founding of the Imperium and has faded into myth, leaving his progeny in internal conflict...

The Roonian are builders above all else. Their ancient hives span thousands of worlds, their structures reaching into the clouds. Territorial and isolated, there is only one member of their species who communicates with outsiders, The Speaker.

Shapeshifters from a desert planet, the Dregulon helped found the Imperium, and are the hand behind her destiny. Many have swayed from their noble roots, and become vagrants, scoundrels, and assassins. There is one who wishes to return them to greatness...

Devout worshipers of Sheratar, the Avar have a strong piloting tradition, and hold a place of great power in the Imperium. When Sheratar fell in battle against the Kern Empire, his daughter picked up his mask and led them to victory. His ancestral daughter still wears that mask today...




Build Your Deck

A complete collection of over 300 cards is included.

Expand Your Empire

Begin with a homeworld and colonize neighboring worlds.

Battle Your Enemies

Move your ships to attack your enemies or defend your worlds.

Claim the Void Scepter

Lead your species to the height of Imperial power...
but at what cost?

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